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Newsletter nr. 85 din 25 Noiembrie 2004

>>>>01.Peste 11 milioane de tranzactii prin instrumente de plata cu acces la distanta
>>>>02.Noi standarde privind securitatea sistemelor informatice


>>>>03.Preparing the public for online services with e-Citizen
>>>>04.Pentagon to play god in new Internet GIG
>>>>05.Italian local authorities do not invest enough in e-government, finds new survey
>>>>06.Many UK local authorities could miss the 2005 e-government target
>>>>07.Polish Government to launch e-procurement platform
>>>>08.European Electronic Administration Forum


>>>>09.Bremen launches Mobile City Portal 


>>>>10.ITU to look at Convergence Issues
>>>>11.India and Intel sign pact to bridge digital divide


>>>>01.Peste 11 milioane de tranzactii prin instrumente de plata cu
acces la distanta
...(MCTI, 18/11/2004)
"Cifra de afaceri a companiilor din domeniul tehnologiei informatiei
a crescut de peste 5 ori, de la 5 000 de miliarde de lei
in anul 2000, la peste 25 000 de miliarde de lei la sfarsitul anului
2003. in ceea ce priveste numarul de companii, in
prezent avem peste 8 400 de companii, fata de 4 000 in anul 2000." a
declarat, astazi, 18 noiembrie, Ministrul Comunicatiilor
si Tehnologiei Informatiei, Adriana ticau, in conferinta de presa
privind bilantul activitatii MCTI pentru anii 2001-2004.

>>>>02.Noi standarde privind securitatea sistemelor informatice
...(MCTI, 24/11/2004)
In aceasta toamna, a fost adoptat primul standard national privind
securitatea sistemelor informatice care transpune
prevederile standardului ISO/IEC 17799 - "Tehnologia Informatiei –
Cod de buna practica pentru managementul securitatii
informatiei".  Versiunea in limba romana este disponibila la
Organismul national de standardizare din Romania (ASRO). Pana la
sfarsitul acestui an MCTI va sustine adoptarea primei parti a
standardului ISO 15 408, cunoscut si cu denumirea de
„Criteriile Comune de evaluare a securitatii sistemelor si


>>>>03.Preparing the public for online services with e-Citizen
...(ICTD Newsmaster, 22/11/2004)
The British Computer Society's (BCS) recent survey into the level of
IT literacy of the British public found that 41% of
adults do not have a home PC or therefore access to the internet. A
worrying factor when one considers the government's drive
to introduce all of its services online by the end of 2005. A drive
that is fueled by the hope, that when e-enabled, these
services will help deliver greater efficiency and access to all
government departments for everyone.

>>>>04.Pentagon to play god in new Internet GIG
...(Open Flows, 22/11/2004)
Pentagon Global Information Grid documents suggest, $200 billion or
more may go for the war network's hardware and software
in the next decade or so. The Pentagon is building its own Internet,
the litary's world wide web for the wars of the future.
Advocates say networked computers will be the most powerful weapon in
the American arsenal.

>>>>05.Italian local authorities do not invest enough in e-
government, finds new survey
...(eGovernment News – 17/11/2004) 
According to a survey conducted by the Italian national association
of ICT companies, Italian local authorities need to
invest more in e-government if they are to be successful in their
modernisation. Despite the reference framework and
stimulation provided by the national e-government programme, the
survey found that most local authorities are being slow to
implement the modernisation agenda. There are some exceptions and
best practice cases, ASSINFORM said, but in general local
government is not investing enough in ICT to increase efficiency and
improve services to citizens and businesses.

>>>>06.Many UK local authorities could miss the 2005 e-government
...(eGovernment News, 17/11/2004)
UK local authorities are making progress towards making all their
services to citizens and businesses available
electronically by the end of 2005, a target set by the Prime Minister
in March 2000. However, a recent survey found that a
majority of local government personnel are still concerned about
missing the deadline.Speaking at the launch of the eBenefits
national project on 09/11/2004, Phil Hope, Parliamentary Under-
Secretary of State at the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
(ODPM) said he still expected local councils to reach the 100% target
by the end of 2005 and forecasted that 86% would
already have reached full electronic service delivery capability by

>>>>07.Polish Government to launch e-procurement platform
...(eGovernment News, 16/11/2004)
Poland's Public Procurement Office is currently testing a new e-
procurement platform, which is due to be launched nationwide
in 2005. During the pilot phase, the e-procurement platform,
called "Public Procurement System" (PPS), will be tested by the
Public Procurement Office and by 18 entities from central, regional
and local administration levels. After the testing phase
is completed in early 2005, the e-procurement platform will be made
available free of charge to all interested parties –
contracting authorities and tenderers – but its use will not be

>>>>08.European Electronic Administration Forum
...(eGovernment News, 23/11/2004)
Two-day (15-16 December) conference dedicated to the development of e-
government in France and in Europe. With an expected
3,500 delegates, the second edition of the Electronic Administration
Forum will build on the success of the 2003 event, which
attracted 2,500 attendees. This year, the event will also host the
third General Assembly of the e-Forum Association,
gathering public and private sector e-government players from across


>>>>09.Bremen launches Mobile City Portal 
(eGovernment News, 16/11/2004)  
The new Mobile City portal is part of Bremen's strategy to encourage
technological innovation by creating a platform for
knowledge sharing in advanced mobile applications within a centre of
excellence for the development and testing of mobile
technologies. Over the last few years the City authorities have
supported the emerging mobile technologies' industry, turning
Bremen into a reference in this field. The Mobile City initiative,
which is the result of a public-private partnership
between the city authorities and a number of private sector
suppliers, seeks to foster the development of mobile applications
for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and public mobile
services for citizens.


>>>>10.ITU to look at Convergence Issues
...(ITweb, 23/11/2004)
The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) will host a symposium
for regulators that will focus on the topic `licensing
in an era of convergence.' The main aim is to reach consensus on ways
to promote the development of low cost access to
broadband and Internet connectivity, particularly in terms of the
developing world. Due to take place in Geneva from 8 to 10
December, the Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR) will be open to
regulators and policy makers from both developed and developing nations.

>>>>11.India and Intel sign pact to bridge digital divide
...(Business India, 18/11/2004)
Intel Corp is looking at setting up a manufacturing unit in India, in
addition to enhancing its Indian design operations -- its largest non-
manufacturing design facility outside the United States. Meanwhile,
Intel and the Indian government have outlined the next phase of their
collaboration to reach information technology to the masses and
reduce the digital divide in the country.

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