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Newsletter nr. 83 din 11 Noiembrie 2004

>>>>01.Raport - 350.000 de licitatii electronice
>>>>02.Primul hot-spot public intr-o universitate din Romania
>>>>03.La Opera prin e-bilet


>>>>04.More progress required on e-government, says Kok report 
>>>>05.The Rise of Open-Source Politics
>>>>06.Poland adopts new e-government action plan for 2005-2006
>>>>07.Shanghai offers citizens free email service
>>>>08.Indian e-governance faces uphill task


>>>>09.Estonian IT Policy: Towards a More Service-Centred and Citizen-Friendly State
>>>>10.No improvement in India's position in knowledge economy

>>>>11.Innovative m-ticketing solution to be tested in Frankfurt
>>>>12.Hungary develops m-government services


>>>>13.Voting in a Digital Age
>>>>14.E-Vote Glitch Inflates Bush Total


>>>>01.Raport - 350.000 de licitatii electronice
...(Jurnalul National, 11/11/2004)
"De la lansarea sa, in 2002, prin sistemul electronic de achizitii publice au fost inchise 351.400 de licitatii, inregistrandu-se economii de aproape 4.000 de miliarde de lei", a
declarat Adriana Ticau, ministrul Comunicatiilor. Pe categorii de produse, cele mai multe tranzactii au fost incheiate in domeniul sanatatii. Intre categoriile de produse pentru care s-au inregistrat cele mai mari economii fata de pretul de pornire se numara: consumabile pentru fax si copiatoare, articole metalice de birou si formulare imprimate. Media economiilor inregistrate este de 20% din pret.

>>>>02.Primul hot-spot public intr-o universitate din Romania
...(Cronica Romana, 11/11/2004)
Academia de Studii Economice din Bucuresti si Intel au anuntat deschiderea "ASE Wi-Fi Zone", primul hot-spot wireless dintr-o universitate din Romania, in urma unei donatii de echipament Wi-Fi realizata de Intel Corporation. Hot-spot-ul consta in doua zone wireless, dintre care una acopera Rectoratul, iar cealalta, sala de lectura a facultatii. Datorita acestei donatii, studentii si profesorii Academiei de Studii Economice vor avea acces wireless gratuit la reteaua universitatii si la Internet.

>>>>03.La Opera prin e-bilet
...(Gardianul, 10/11/2004)
Opera Romana din Bucuresti si DotCommerce Romania au lansat pagina web, prima initiativa de comert electronic in domeniul cultural, care permite achizitionarea de bilete la spectacole, se arata intr-un comunicat al Ministerului Culturii si Cultelor.


>>>>04.More progress required on e-government, says Kok report 
...(IDA, 05/11/2004)
A report presented on 3 November 2004 by a High Level Group of Independent Experts chaired by former Dutch Prime Minister Wim Kok has called for more determined political action to revitalise the Lisbon Strategy for economic, social and environmental renewal in the EU. In particular, it warned that more efforts are needed to develop and reap the benefits of e-government.

>>>>05.The Rise of Open-Source Politics
...(The Nation, 09/11/2004)
Open-source politics is still a long way off. The term "open source" specifically refers to allowing any software developer to see the underlying source code of a program. Applied to political organizing, open source would mean opening up participation in planning and implementation to the community, letting competing actors evaluate the value of your plans and actions, being able to shift resources away from bad plans and bad planners and toward better ones, and expecting more of participants in return. It would mean moving away from egocentric organizations and toward network-centric organizing.

>>>>06.Poland adopts new e-government action plan for 2005-2006
...(IDA, 05/11/2004)
The main aim of the plan is to show the directions of the future development of e-Government in Poland. The plan outlines the actions that should be undertaken further to the country's accession to the European Union, and presents an analysis of the funding possibilities for e-government projects. In addition, the document presents the projects currently being conducted by the Polish regional and central administrations according to the priorities of eEurope 2005 in areas such as broadband,
interoperability, interactive public services, public Internet access points, culture and tourism.

>>>>07.Shanghai offers citizens free email service
The Shanghai municipal authorities have set up a free email service for city residents, increasing access to the web, and creating a new delivery channel for public sector content.Residents can each open a single account which must be in their own name when applying at the government's web site.The service is open to all city residents, including resident expatriates. The email platform is only in Chinese at the moment, but an English version is in the works.

>>>>08.Indian e-governance faces uphill task
(Business India, 05/11/2004)
A World Bank official said here Friday that India faced a challenge on scaling all the e-governance pilot projects that were at various stages of implementation. World Bank lead informatics specialist Robert Schware said at a seminar on e-governance, held as part of the IT.Com event, that only 110 of the 200 e-governance pilot projects underway were scalable.


>>>>09.Estonian IT Policy: Towards a More Service-Centred and Citizen-Friendly State
...(State Information System, 10/11/1983)
ICT-related developments in Estonia have been development driven rather than policy led, ensuring thus a good level of co-operation between the public and the private sector. Nevertheless, the first IT policy, which was approved by the Estonian Parliament in 1998, was an important step in determining the principles of the information society development.The document you are holding in your hand Principles of the Estonian Information Policy 2004- 2006 is a step further, aiming to strengthen the central IT co-ordination and increase consistency and collaboration in developing the information society.

>>>>10.No improvement in India's position in knowledge economy
...(The Economic Times, 11/11/2004)
India has not made significant overall improvement in its position in the knowledge economy and has remained among the bottom one-third countries, the World Bank said on Wednesday. In a study made public here, the World Bank said that despite India's impressive performance in the last few years, its overall position has not shown any significant improvement.


>>>>11.Innovative m-ticketing solution to be tested in Frankfurt
...(IDA, 04/11/2004)
Rhein-Main Verkehrsverbund, the public transport network operator for Frankfurt's greater area in Germany, will launch an innovative mobile ticketing project in early 2005 in the city of Hanau. The first live ticketing application based on Near Field Communication (NFC), the project will trial a solution that uses mobile phones to access an existing contactless smart card ticketing infrastructure. Jointly developed by Philips and Sony, NFC enables touch-based interactions between electronic devices, with a view to bridge the connectivity gap and to allow connected users to interact seamlessly with their environment.

>>>>12.Hungary develops m-government services
...(IDA, 04/11/2004)
The Hungarian authorities are increasingly using mobile government (m-government) for the delivery of public services. With a penetration rate of 81% against 30% for computers, mobile phones are a highly inclusive technology in Hungary. This widespread use of mobile phones has prompted the country's public authorities to develop mobile government services through SMS and WAP technologies and to introduce mobile phones into public administration procedures.


>>>>13.Voting in a Digital Age
...(Commerce Times, 05/11/2004)
In this year's US election, around 40 million people cast their votes digitally instead of by paper. For many, this was a relief because it meant avoiding discussions over hanging chads. There were no huge digital breakdowns, indicating that while there are potential problems with digital voting systems, the US seems to be working out the kinks.

>>>>14.E-Vote Glitch Inflates Bush Total
...(Wired News, 05/11/2004)
State and county election officials did not immediately respond to requests by the Associated Press for more details about the voting system and its vendor, and whether the error, if repeated elsewhere in Ohio, could have affected the outcome.,2645,65609,00.html?tw=rss.TOP

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