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Newsletter nr. 75 din 21 Iulie 2004

01.>>>>Nou site al Centrului de Informare al Comisiei Europene

02.>>>>Downloading for Democracy 
03.>>>>Bowie Man's Web Site Is A Link to Lawmakers
04.>>>>Kids learn ABCs of politics on the Web

05.>>>>E-voting verification pilot planned in fall

06.>>>>EU issues efficiency warning
07.>>>>Connecting the EU-25
08.>>>>A user-centred approach to pan-European e-government services


01.>>>>Nou site al Centrului de Informare al Comisiei Europene
…( : 13/07/2004)
Centrul de Informare al Comisiei Europene marcheaza cinci ani de
activitate prin lansarea unei noi versiuni a sitului Infoeuropa la
adresa Relansarea sitului Infoeuropa aduce
sectiuni noi precum cea de Chat si Forum, alaturi de sectiuni
informative precum Europa Hazlie, Tratate si legislatie, Dictionar
de finantare, Europa in imagini, Intrebari frecvente. Site-ul
propune acum si un motor de cautare mai performant.


02.>>>>Downloading for Democracy 
…(Wired News: 19/07/2004)
While legislators in Washington work to outlaw peer-to-peer
networks, one website is turning the peer-to-peer technology back on
Washington to expose its inner, secretive workings. But isn't offering copyright music and videos for
download. The site, launched two weeks ago, has aggregated more than
600 government and court documents to make them available for
download through the Kazaa, LimeWire and Soulseek P2P networks in
the interest of making government more transparent and accountable.,1283,64237,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_1

03.>>>>Bowie Man's Web Site Is A Link to Lawmakers
…( 15/07/2004)
Shukoor Ahmed is a self-described political junkie whose passion for
America's democratic process spurred him to create, a red, white and blue Web site aimed at making
it easier for voters to communicate with legislators.

04.>>>>Kids learn ABCs of politics on the Web
…(USA 21/07/2004)
As the U.S. presidential race heats up, civic organizations are
using the Internet to reach out to Americans who are still too young
to vote. Experts see a critical need to engage America's youth since
the percentage of adults who vote continues to decline. Even worse
are voter participation rates among younger Americans.


05.>>>>E-voting verification pilot planned in fall
…( 19/07/2004)
An electronic voting machine company has agreed to load election
security technology from VoteHere Inc. on some of its machines to
test the encrypted vote verification system in the fall election.
The Bellevue, Wash., company has developed software that produces an
encrypted receipt that could let voters verify that their ballots
were accurately counted.


06.>>>>EU issues efficiency warning
…( 14/07/2004)
Efficiency savings though e-government may be technically possible
but cannot always be achieved, the EU has warned in a new report.
The European Commission's e-government unit says that
administrations must "balance efficiency improvements with…
organisational requirements" in order to reduce the costs of
providing services.

07.>>>>Connecting the EU-25
…(IDA: July 2004)
On 1 May 2004, 10 new Member States from Central Europe and the
Mediterranean joined the European Union. Having helped to prepare
this historic enlargement, IDA is now playing an important role in
deploying and expanding the electronic networks and services needed
to make it successful. By securely connecting public administrations
across the continent, IDA is indeed building the electronic backbone
of the New Europe.

08.>>>>A user-centred approach to pan-European e-government services
…(IDA: July 2004)
As of 1 January 2005, the IDABC Programme will enable and support
the Interoperable Delivery of Pan-European e-Government Services to
Public Administrations, Businesses and Citizens. In order to prepare
for this crucial new phase, IDA has launched a study to determine
user and stakeholder requirements for e-government services at pan-
European level.

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