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Newsletter nr. 73 din 7 Iulie 2004

01.>>>> - Proteste virtuale
02.>>>>Scriitorii de Internet

03.>>>>Bush and Kerry sites 'not secure'

04.>>>>Young people tackle digital divide

05.>>>>Citizens consult online with MPs

06.>>>>Experts outline e-voting security requirements
07.>>>>Voting software company submits code to NIST

08.>>>>State and Local Governments Join Together to Share Computer Code
09.>>>>Irish gov Web sites disappoint: survey


01.>>>> - Proteste virtuale
…(Jurnalul National: 07/07/2004)
"Sunteti nervosi?… Nu va convine ceva?… Atunci PROTESTATI!…" Iata
cuvintele de bun venit de pe site-ul unui tanar care a avut parte de
surprize neplacute din partea unei institutii bugetare. Dintr-o
nedreptate s-a nascut nu o injuratura cu grafitti la metrou, ci un
proiect IT.

02.>>>>Scriitorii de Internet
…(Jurnalul National: 01/07/2004)
Daca ai curiozitatea sa citesti posta electronica pe care multe din
ziarele curente o tin la dispozitia publicului, descoperi un univers
cu totul original, imposibil de imaginat cu doua decenii in urma.


03.>>>>Bush and Kerry sites 'not secure'
…(BBC NEWS: 03/07/2004)
President George Bush and Democratic challenger John Kerry have come
under attack from a US net privacy advocate and adviser over website
Both sites have left themselves open to online "vandalism" because
of errors in their scripting codes, Richard Smith says on his site.


04.>>>>Young people tackle digital divide
…(ITWeb: 29/06/2004)
A group of young people have decided to try to do something about
the digital divide in SA. Y Day is an independent community
organisation that aims to help bridge the digital divide by creating
an environment where people can become computer literate and learn
about the benefits of technology, explains Shoks Mzolo, one of the
initiative's creators.


05.>>>>Citizens consult online with MPs
…( 02/07/2004)
Constituency Forum, an online channel to encourage constituents to
communicate with MPs, was launched on 1 July 2004. It is aimed at
persuading citizens to email their opinions on topical issues to
their local MPs. A six month trial on the system has been completed
involving MPs from Dumbarton, Reigate and Yeovil. It is now
available through at


06.>>>>Experts outline e-voting security requirements
…(Computerworld: 30/06/2004)
A panel of IT security experts yesterday proposed a series of
detailed recommendations that they said state and local
jurisdictions must act on immediately to ensure the security of
electronic voting systems and the accuracy and transparency of the
November presidential election.,10801,94229,00.html?nas=PM-94229

07.>>>>Voting software company submits code to NIST
…( 29/06/2004)
An electronic voting software company has released source code for a
balloting security module to the National Institute of Standards and
Technology. VoteHere Inc. of Bellevue, Wash., sent the reference
code implementation for VoteHere Technology inside, or VHTi, to
NIST's National Software Reference Library.


08.>>>>State and Local Governments Join Together to Share Computer Code
…(Government Technology:  02/07/2004)
Announced Wednesday, a collection of state and local governments
have formed a new collaboration group to encourage the sharing of
computer code that is developed for and by government. The entity,
called the Government Open Code Collaborative (GOCC), is a voluntary
undertaking not affiliated with any professional organization or
private sector company.

09.>>>>Irish gov Web sites disappoint: survey
…( 01/07/2004)
Irish government Web sites are far less accessible to citizens than
their UK counterparts, with poor design and an over-reliance on PDF
files partly to blame. This was the conclusion of the latest
eGovernment Benchmarking Report compiled by IQ Content, which
follows up on the first survey carried out early in 2003. The latest
report benchmarks 40 Irish and UK e-government sites, to measure
their effectiveness from the citizen's perspective.

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