Ghidul de eDemocratie si Guvernare Electronica

Ars Portalis

Cunoastere si Acces

Cost-Benefit Analysis of eGovernment Investments

Strategies for Developing
Information Societies:
The case of Romania

Societatea informationala si acunoasterii.
Vectorii societatii cunoasterii.

Ce urmeaza dupa Societatea Informationala?

Information society and its challenges to emerging economies

Programele eGovernment si construirea societatii informationale in Romania

eGovernment – intre moda si necesitate


Ars Portalis - The Road Ahead Towards Electronic Government in Romania

Sebastian Ailioaie

Central European University
Political Science Department
Budapest College

Iunie 2001

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This thesis tries to assess the development of eGovernment in Romania. In order
to achieve this I looked for answers to the following four main questions:

1. Which is the general development of the Information Society in Romania in
terms of computers and Internet usage?

2. How can be assessed and interpreted the online presence of central and local
governmental institutions?

3. What is the level of physical implementation and support for eGovernment at
the local administration level?

4. What are the central administration’s strategic goals and what are the results of
its actions?

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